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"Learning music as an adult (with some childhood exposure now years in the past) has positively affected me. It is mentally stimulating and rewarding; challenging me to comprehend written music, master coordination of mind with arms and fingers to produce the desired result and with this experience truly appreciate my own progress and the talents of other musicians.  For me, the most enjoyable aspect comes from those wondrous moments when all comes together and that which once looked so dauntingly difficult becomes part of my repertoire."

- Steve, Adult Student

Learn to play the violin in a relaxed, social setting, and meet like-minded people along the way.
Adult Beginner Violin Class - Term 4
InĂ­cio 18 Nov
Learn to play the violin in a relaxed, social setting, and meet like-minded people along the way.
Adult Beginner Violin Class - Term 4
1 h
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About the Violin

The violin is both the smallest and the highest-pitched of the bowed stringed instrument family. It is held horizontally on the left shoulder, while the right arm works the bow. Violinists can stand up or sit down to play, however standing is usually more comfortable.

Being the smallest, it is also the most affordable to buy and maintain for beginner students, and the most practical to transport.

The basic equipment needed to learn the violin is the violin itself, a bow, a shoulder rest, rosin, a cleaning cloth, and a case to keep everything in.

The violin has a thin, clear tone, which is often very sweet. Being higher-pitched, the violin can be heard more easily above the other instruments of the orchestra, and for this reason is often given the melody while the other instruments play accompanying parts.

Listen to the Violin

Below are some amazing and world-renowned violinists, performing classic violin repertoire.

Learn to play the violin in a relaxed, social setting, and meet like-minded adults along the way.
Trial Adult Beginner Violin Class
1 h

About the Class / Violin Teacher


The adult beginner violin class is aimed towards people 18 years and over who have no prior musical experience (although those who have prior experience are also welcome if you're happy to go over skills and knowledge you may already have). Angela is a qualified and experienced musician, who studied performance and instrumental teaching at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, has performed in a number of orchestras around Brisbane, and is now teaching at two schools in her local area and has taught privately at her home for many years. 


The classes are all held at the North Lakes YMCA, cnr Endeavour Blvd and Lakefield Dr, North Lakes. Free parking is available onsite and can be entered from Lakefield Drive. Walk across the basketball court to find the front entrance to the building, then look for the sign for Social Music Classes!


The structure of the class is similar to a yoga or cooking class, where the instructor demonstrates and gives instructions and the participants follow along. Each class will be recorded, and accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, both of which will be made available to participants via email link after the class each week. Classes are 45 minutes, with some time after each class for participants to mingle, socialize, and ask any questions they may not have felt comfortable asking in front of the whole class. Please feel welcome to bring a plate of snacks or some tea/coffee to share - there is cutlery, crockery, hot and cold water, a sink, a microwave, and a mini fridge available at the venue. If participants would like to continue socializing after the class there is also a balcony with tables and chairs just outside the function room area, which will be available.

What to Bring

Participants will need to bring their own instrument and music stand to all classes, and may also need to purchase books and music in the course of the classes as well. There will always be plenty of notice given for participants to have time to gather funds to purchase these items. For advice on purchasing an instrument check out this blog post. If you need any further assistance with purchasing an instrument, simply head to the Contact page and e-mail  or use the 'Get in Touch' form to send a message.

Class Size

The maximum number of participants in each class is 10, and participants can book individually or as a group. If you wish to book as a group, simply select the number of participants you wish to book for on the online booking form. If there are not enough spaces in your preferred class time, or there is no class scheduled at your preferred time, head over to the 'Get in Touch' form on the Contact page to register your interest in another class time. 


Learning to play a musical instrument is by nature a sequential activity - the skills you learn in each lesson or class build on the skills of the previous lesson/s or class/es. Physically, it is essentially the training of muscle memory, which can only be done with regular and progressive exercise of those muscles - just like body building at the gym. Participants who attend every week will therefore get the most benefit from the classes, and so participants are encouraged to book in advance, one 'term' of ten classes at a time. However if you're feeling unsure about making the commitment straight away, there is also the option to book a 'trial' class, where you can come along for one evening and try it out, with no obligation to book further classes. For trial classes, if you have an instrument or music stand available do bring it along, but this is not necessary.